This is the time for just doing things instead of finding all the faults in all those things and not doing them. Ha, not doing things. That’s old hat.

My name is Jarryd van Zanten. I’m a very slow-paced video and board game designer, studying Business Technology at the Open University and working with the Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia.

Current projects

  • I am launching an event in Norwich, celebrating creativity in games by showcasing local multi-player games: Hugs & Uppercuts
  • Working on a score-keeping web app designed, using Firebase, for live synchronisation between friends. It’s very alpha and boring right now: Pointi
    I’m also developing a version of Pointi designed to display scores at events on a big screen:  Pointi Scoreboard
  • I’m going through an autograph book that my great-grandmother took with her around hospitals in Scotland as a nurse between 1905 and 1911-ish. Patients contributed a great number drawings and poems and I am adding them to Tumblr: To Bessie